Our Services

We provide a range of accounting, tax and business advisory services.

We recognise that our clients can be busy. So we don’t expect them to come to us. We visit them – either in their own homes or workplaces – and at a time that suits their schedule.

The services we offer:

Accounting Services

We prepare annual financial statements, management reports and budgets to help our clients understand, manage and build their businesses. We provide the level of assistance our clients require, ranging from a complete service including the processing of all transactions, issuing invoices, completing and filing GST returns etc, through to simply the provision of end of year accounting services. The choice is yours.

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Accounting Software Support

We’re happy to recommend and assist with the implementation of an accounting system for your business. This might simply be a spreadsheet, or alternatively, a computer accounting system. We’re completely independent of all of the major accounting software companies, so we can give our unbiased recommendation on the solution we believe is right for you.

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Buying a Business

If you’re contemplating buying a business it’s vital to seek professional advice before you get too far down the track.

We can work with you to:

Understand the business: This usually requires an analysis of the financial statements for the business for at least the three previous years. You’ll probably need to involve your lawyer to review the Sale & Purchase Agreement, and any premises lease agreements, employment agreements etc.

Determine the best business structure: when buying a business, it’s normally advisable to set up an entirely new business entity. This could be a company, trust, partnership, sole tradership or any combination of these. We can advise on the best entity for your circumstances.

Prepare a business plan and/or loan application: purchasers of an existing business often find they need to raise a loan for part of the purchase price. We’ll work with you to calculate the amount to borrow, to check that the repayments are affordable, and to help prepare the financial information required by your bank.

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Company Formation

If you need a company for business or investment purposes, we can help you with the complete setup. The steps involved in this can include:

  • determining who the Directors and Shareholders should be,
  • Constitutional issues,
  • setting up the necessary Statutory Registers,
  • obtaining an IRD number,
  • registering for GST,
  • setting up the correct tax structure (e.g. Look-Through Company),
  • considering the likely provisional tax and ACC levy positions etc.

All of these steps are necessary to ensure your company is set up correctly from the outset.

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Company Law Compliance

All active New Zealand Companies are required to comply not only with tax law, but also with company law. This includes:

  • maintenance of Statutory Registers,
  • holding Annual Meetings,
  • passing Shareholder and Director Resolutions,
  • preparing Certificates to authorise the actions of Directors,
  • filing Annual Returns with the Companies Office etc.

We’ll work with you to ensure you’re in compliance with these important obligations.

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Selling a Business

If you’re contemplating selling your business it’s advisable to get professional advice before you get too far down the track.

We can advise on the issues you’ll need to consider when preparing your business for sale, let you know about the likely tax implications, and help you find a business broker to market the business if necessary.

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Setting up a new Business

If you’re contemplating setting up your own business, we’re happy to meet with you beforehand to determine the most appropriate business structure. Options include companies, trusts, partnerships, sole traderships or any combination of these.

We’ll also explain some of the basic tax and record keeping responsibilities you’ll be faced with.

If you need to raise finance, we can liaise with your bank and compile the financial information they require.

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Tax Compliance

We work with our clients to ensure they meet their tax compliance responsibilities. This includes the preparation and filing of income tax returns, checking tax assessments, and ensuring our clients know when tax payments are due.

If your business needs to be registered for GST (Goods & Services tax), we can arrange the correct type of registration for you. We can then either take responsibility for preparing your GST returns, or provide assistance to you if you’d like to prepare them yourself.

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Trust Law Compliance

Once a Trust is established, the Trustees are required to comply with tax law and trust law. Prudent Trust administration includes:

  • maintenance of detailed records including Trustee Resolutions,
  • Deeds,
  • financial records,
  • annual financial statements,
  • tax records and tax returns etc.

We’ll work with you to ensure you’re complying. And we’ll work with your Trust’s lawyer where necessary.

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